well, this could pass for a pun, depending on the angle you are looking at it from. If your mind is flying free like mine then you must know that the ‘neck tie’ is one style that isn’t very common but yet is well appreciated and accepted.

 Just like the conventional neck tie, this performs nearly the same purpose of deliberately ‘choking’ or holding the neck tightly enough to allow enough air for survival. the only distinguishing factor here is that this neck tie is worn loose, loose enough to not be felt on the neck.

this look can be pulled off using a bandana or a lightweight fabric; a chiffon maybe, knotted loosely together. it could be worn with discretion, if you choose to be ‘choked’ fine! but its best worn loose to fully portray style. This is an informal way of dressing though and should not be misconstrued for the traditional dressing pattern.

so go out there, get a bandana, a chiffon or whatever you can find besides a rope and ‘choke’ on. …em i mean, you should style on, don’t choke yourself, I really want you to read the next post, and the next, and the next. Now, go and look really stylish people, extremely stylish.
B   E         S      T     Y     L     I       S     H !    !    !