Dear reader, I hope I’ve been of help, I hope I have shed enough light on facts that you thought you knew. I hope I have been able, through my humble words, convey what I now believe to be truth about the men’s fashion industry, though some are my perceptions; no one man made all the rules, it’s the collective effort of both young and old that help authenticate the mantra of Rome not being built in a day. I hope that we can dialogue, or you can criticize all of my effort. But I must thank all of the men who have read each word I have laced down here; it’s all you. You have fervently done what you ought to in other to look good, exceptionally, especially in bringing to a prestigious place the old denim attire.

It is true that they are thick and hard, heavy for short, and times will come that you would need all of that harshness to counter that of the outer world; the climatic change in our world. The denim or rather a high quality woven cotton cloth has played on the times and still maintains its respect on the street and in the closet. Having gone throw a myriad of fashion blunder and still putting up with a few other faux pas, its presence and relevance reflects the reason for its fervent use and sorts to modify errors of the recent past.


There are ways the denim can be worn, this is so because of the few who have done it well enough to stand up and lead the way.
The degree of lightness and brightness:
The most successful way to wear double denim is by contrasting shades, the polarized tones institutes a premise where it can be pooled as the best. The differing washes draws attention to the disparity therein. Having said this, choose darker hues as jacket, and with light washed or blue jeans. The most common being pairing a crew neck top, blue jeans,

a nice indigo denim jacket and a shoe that portrays just elegance.

Being the first and basic layer pattern for a brilliant denim dress up, it can be worn with a shirt of a conflicting shade, perhaps a blue denim shirt will fit just fine, or by introducing a bit of colour to stir it up a bit. The aforementioned will do just fine, but there are diverse ways the DENIM ON DENIM look can be pulled off and only you can do that. Now that you know how, how can you do it differently, share…….