DAY 2, WEEK 12

What’s your favorite Tuesday look?  This is what I think, or rather this is how i get by my week. most certainly, I have a regular job like most do, so all I’ll be saying may apply to the stylish few without a weekly dress-up plan (WDP).

I think Mondays are overrated, I bet we all think so too, so much fuss and yet nothing to show for it. Most likely a staff meeting ensues, in other scenarios, external meetings are held, so you need to look your best. More so, Mondays i use ties, solely because there may be meetings that i need to attend. my pick, a nice pay of shoe (most certainly Monks), all this with a suit though.
As the week stretches out, I begin to drop pieces. By Tuesday, I may use a blazer instead of a suit, I may not use a tie (Based on how I’m feeling though), for pants, mostly chinos, this also is subject to my mood, and for my shoe game; Desert boots or a matching Brogue. 

I’ve collected a few pictures that depict my Monday and Tuesday looks.

Lets hear your weekly dress-up plan (WDP)
Have a swell second day of the week. 🙂

Be stylish!!!