We probably must have heard this countless times, the saying that: fashion is the cloth we wear and style is the way we wear it. it must have been a paraphrased version you heard, yet if you are reading this right now, you most certainly have heard a lot more than that.

Yesterday, I spoke briefly on the my choice of clothing for the week. I believe planning is an  intrinsic key of  human life, and if I have a wardrobe plan for each week, I’d only smile a bit more mockingly when I hear this other fashion saying, “Try 27 cloths and then settle for the first.” in other words, I wouldn’t have to go throw wardrobe crisis.

My plan for Wednesday, is and will always be; a crisply ironed button down, a nice pair of DENIM, shoe and my bag. I love jeans so much, I hate that it is regarded as an informal attire/casual attire. and it is because of this that I have made up my mind to wear DENIM every other Wednesday. it is a piece of clothing and deserves a place where others are…

Join me if you agree….

                                                                            Be stylish!