This is to celebrate all the braves, those who stuck up for skinny pants and also to inform us that there are yet, even more brave men amongst us who will one day dare to wear bell-bottoms and inadvertently take us back to the 60’s where the entire beauty of a shoe is swallowed up by what, then, is believed to be a fashionable trouser. Arguably, there is no possibility of that recurring, yet, we all believe in the saying that old is new and vice versa…

Ultimately, there are a handful of things that are now in the fashion past, some sustained there place. this post basically celebrates bell bottoms, loud colors, humongous suits which is so much around now and, vintage fashion.
find solace in the feeling that you didn’t look like this, and maybe, will not look like this young men. lol!

be stylish still!!

N/B: Photographs are excerpts from the internet.