How to dress for an event. Part 2. (Award night/Dinner)

If you have been following my posts; for those who have been following my posts, previously, I wrote a bit on how to dress up for a party. Not that it’s difficult to find what to wear to a party but, as time passes by each day,  people get inspired by the good and goings – on around them and tend to dress up ‘as the spirit leads’. This to me is rather impressive as you find yourself doing a better version of someone else’ outlook. Ideally, dressing up should be a well thought out process. To all the many persons out there who just wake up, clean up and jump into any piece of fabric in their closet and look super fab. Bravo! This could happen every other day, but certainly not when you have been R.S.V.Ped for an event, say an award night.

Occasionally, when such invites come, they have somewhere around the back the intended dress code or basically the planners idea of how everyone should look. More often than not, this is a guide and not a mandatory dress up plan(and there are exceptions).

When you have been invited for an award night, or its an open – to – all kind of event, the first thought should be a tuxedo – a black tuxedo. These days, tuxedos may not be the perfect go-to, yet usually, it does make for a great choice. The shawl lapel establishes style, this feature distinguishes your suit from every other. The Peak and Notch lapel suits are not entirely ruled out, in fact they will make for a perfect pick, yet the Shawl lapel tuxedo ranks higher in this category, even more when the satin on the lapel matches or is layered with a trouser with a satin  stripe on the side.

For some, these two are the same. Yes, they are made of, just recently, the same interchangeable materials, but NO, they are not the same. The blazer is sewn to fit with very little space and with a distinctive button, this could pass for a suit without its accompanying trousers, whereas the sports coat is sewn for more outdoor activities, with more space than any regular suit and comes with two buttons(seldomly). This two when layered with a wellthought out trouser would make for the best look of the night. For example, Navy blazer over white shirt, red striped tie, red trousers and a double monk or, alternatively, a brown striped sports coat, black shirt, black waist coat, black dress trousers and a black Oxford shoe.

Very often now, we see how innovative designers have gotten with cloth making. Infusing the flap pockets of the blazers and patch of the sports coat. And the buttons, and the lapels have grown from 2 inchs to 3 and now have wings all this into the used to be stagnated style of the Double breasted jacket.  It’s really impressive to see how far fashion has gone is so little time. To me, when you have a Double – breastfed jacket, you are now gee-oh-dee and can do all sorts with it. Layer with any colour of pants, any shoe from snake skin to alligator. Just ensure you have a shirt to wear and the red carpet is yours. Except if you want to do it like Kanye at the just concluded Met Gala 2016 event where he wore, well have a peep.

 It is very important to know that a bow tie is required for the most effect, this is not because a regular tie will make you look less interesting, No, the bow tie, especially a black bow tie is most efficient for use with a tux, and every other suit or jacket when going for a night event or an award, this is the western way. In addition, all the above accompanied with the right accessories,  the broaches, the lapel pins, pocket squares etc…. will leave you looking super super fab. 
You just stay stylish!
Photo Credits: mai atafo in a blue DB suit. Excerpt from his IG account.
Kanye from vogue magazine website, And also, Menswear forum.