After putting on every piece of fabric designated for Monday or any day, the next line of action is wearing the socks and shoe; which to me is often the last things to be done. While some other persons do the reverse of: Trousers + Socks + Shoe + Inner wear + Shirt, Tie etc….. The best way to go is from top to bottom (i.e Inner wears + Shirt + Trousers + Socks, Shoes etc..)

Its pretty easy to Tie a shoe lace, some people would say, yet a lot others still struggling with lacing their shoes, if they happen to wash or polish a certain shoe with lace, it becomes a challenge putting it be perfectly on. And, should they tie a shoe lace and it looks perfect enough to them, they’d give an arm rather than have it undone.

Most often than not, We, especially the oneswho walk around with the mindset that we don’t have any challenges knotting our shoe laces, and the resulting effect is every once in a while, we find ourselves bent over a surface trying to tie the same lace we did 45 mins earlier. This basically is no ones fault, some shoes have silky shoes laces and when inadequately done, you will be sentenced to every half hour knotting the same shoe lace.

I have taken the pleasure to find a solution to this challenge that men encounter, and women too every Saturday or whatever day they need to go to the gym. The first one, which is the one we commit to always because that’s the same one we have known since we were in our school soccer team: ‘BUNNY EARS’. the bunny ear as graphically represented in this info graph is the most popular of all the two and you can attest right?

Finally, the most efficient and effective method of knotting your shoe lace so it doesn’t come off is the ‘STANDARD KNOT’. Try the standard knot if you have been overly acquainted to Bunny ears and dont relent to share your experience. Most importantly;

 B     E         S     T      Y      L     I      S      H     !     !     !
PHOTO CREDS: Ian Fieggen of