Just recently, you need not tell anyone (males) to wear blazer to this event or that; they just wear it anyway – As if its default function. It’s really awesome to look through summer style photographs, or street style pictures even just to find that over 50 percent of the best styles were pulled off with a suit jacket
(Blazers, Sports coats) at least, not to talk of all the Pink, Green, Purple and diverging shades of tonal suits which are oft-always present.

Thanks to all the geniuses who have found just about the best way to wear a suit and look business-sharp whereas there’s much more than a pinch of casualty in play. It has always been commonplace to pair suits with shoes; brogues, oxfords, boots and all that’s in between. It makes all the sense looking like that, but you shouldn’t have to look like a lawyer when all you want to do is have a little fun with your suit still hanging over your shoulders. So, if you ask me, tailoring and sneakers isn’t much of a thing, well at least not totally. Its a thing because of all the exciting novelties that comes with it – A well tailored 2 piece suit with a low cut sneakers is just the best dress down that overrides most dress ups.

Different sneakers alters a look (with a suit) in various ways: Take for example, a nicely cut grey suit paired with any cool pair of white sneakers says; I’m about my business, but I came to party or have fun. In the same light, so many other colored sneaker can exude this same level of elegance, the only rule is to be a bit more careful with the tones just so no shade struggles to shine. Also, Converse All-stars is just about the right place to start if you are just getting in the tailoring – sneakers game; just go easy with the shades. For black tie events, or perhaps you are looking to pull a black tie look, try black above-ankle sneakers (Converse we suggest again) it makes all the difference.

Summarily, there are no rules with wearing sneakers and well tailored suits, none at all, all there is is you, your suits and a whole lot of worthy sneakers waiting for you to try them on. Also, Suit separates makes for a more skillful way to pair tailoring with sneakers and look smart and casual at the same level of dapper. There’s absolutely have nothing to say about the very daring gents who include a baseball hat to the tailoring and sneaker look; there are just  no words.
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