Adebayo Oke Lawal is the creative director of Orange culture, a West African men’s fashion brand that dares to push the bounndaries of men’s wear, reeling out in majestic abundance new and interesting pieces for the very few who are brave enough to push alongside menswear boundaries that is believed by the brand and me (just after my research) needs to be pushed.

The most intrinsic fact about our style crush, Adebayo is nothing more than the fact that he fearlessly wears what he wishes; a very stately manner with which he rocks, from his choice shirt, which are oft regular shirts and at some other times a huge chunk of creative work. Very notable about the brand which Adebayo is looking to build (which he has built perhaps), he dares to add a more edgy twist to the way casual wears are approached – from the choice of shoes, shirts, pants and with a few more additions in the neck wear.

Enjoy some of his best collections and share your thoughts..(I’d really want to hear what you think)