Truth is, when I looked at these well tailored African styled ready-to-wear ensembles made by Yomi Casual, a Nigerian fashion brand that focuses on contemporary fashion through cutting edge designs and finishes.

The trend of brands letting their stylish cats out of the bag these days is not uncommon, in this case, what is the choice of model or muse. For this collection from Yomi Casuals, One of Nigerians top style Influencer and gent extraordinaire; Noble Igwe is the front man. Gracing each tunic with heart-stopping flare and the accompanying crop pants giving the ensemble an extraordinary finish.

Personally, I think this will just be the perfect collection fro every event, as it cut across virtually any simple but sophisticated (thanks to the choice of colors) dress up plan.

Switching over again to Noble Igwe appearance on this debut, The fedora effect on the finish of this outfit is almost incomparable, I leave you to be a judge of that…

B     E        S     T      Y     L      E  !   !  !