So we walked into a room, a friend and I; a restaurant actually and she sighed as if to suck in all the air in the well furnished hall and as she did this she let her palm slide down the surface of one of the cushions, and she said to me: “Black is indeed a luxury color”

Although I have done a piece on colors and how they interpret our personalities, I’d always known Black to be a color or shade that represents power, authority and above all the dark shade of it to stand for a strong menace-Just like red suggest danger or warning, black also calls to mind this same feeling.

Upon looking closely at some of the qualities of black, it’s quite obvious that it does bring to table a much slimming effect, should you feel fat at any time of your life, Black is the go-to color for you. About elegance and sophistication, you can always count on a black shirt and tie, little wonder why men [Business men] wear black suits too oft. It is practically easy spotting blacks, unlike other shades, brown or the others its a bit tougher pairing them compared to blacks. You can opt to go for an all black outlook, this isn’t always advised, it is best to throw in any [other] color into the mix as black has the opaqueness that allows for other shades to conveniently join in the party and not be left out and with ample space for them to stand out and shine.

I can’t agree any less to Coco Channel’s, “Black has it all, it’s absolute beauty, it is the perfect harmony”. It is just not right to have a wardrobe void of blacks, it just works for days when you are too lazy to think up something and needing an easy slay. You can never be over-dressed in black. Throw in silver or gold accessories (braclets, wrist watches), brown leather strap wrist watches points in an affirmative direction too.

Final words, 
Black represents one of the most sophisticated color there is, making it easy for the rich and wealthy to most unconsciously adopt it as there personal/most patronized hue. In all…

B     E          S     T     Y     L    E   !  !   !