H A T S X T U N I C S : T R E N D A L E R T

Gone are the days when you walk into a tailor’s ‘kitchen’ and they have you stand in front of a giant mirror while they ask you, “Will this length be good enough?” while taking your measurement for a new pair of pants. In the men’s fashion world, you only need a few trousers, this is because majority of the attention is leveled and divided amongst the shoe and your shirt.

The shoe because it is general knowledge that shoes are the first point of attraction for every introductory contact, and the shirt is the main composition of man’s wardrobe. A well fitted shirt simply implies a well thought out outfit.

Men’s wear revolves vaguely around shirts, and a neatly sewn traditional outfit is what Nigerians, or most Africans pride themselves in. Even more recently, the African society are investing more on professionally tailored African attires and tunics are claiming center stage. That simply sewn overflowing shirt or garment that stretches to the knee (contingent on choice), a tunic poses as the new go-to outfit for any casual and smart casual ensemble.There are diverse ways a tunic can be made as opposed to the original sartorial methods (short sleeves), even now, a few more intrusions have been made to better the entire outlook of the tunic. And many more additives to further imply a more stylish outlook.

Regardless of the fabric the tunic is made of, pairing it with a nice contrasting colored hat embellishes the dress up. As snap backs raves, It becomes immensely easier to pair them with almost everything in an array of men’s wear collection.

pairing an African type tunic with a baseball snap-back hat maybe a bit of a hassle for a minimalist, it’s not a thing if you think it’s too excessive, start small pair an average patterned tunic with a low tone hat: black, navy are the best choices…

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