Mix Things Up

Suiting is an intrinsic and yet crucial part of every gentleman’s sartorial lifestyle. Amongst all the fashion pieces to choose from, the suit attracts more concern and overt attention. For a gentleman, there are basic colours to be found in his closet. First, there has to be black, grey, navy and other colours that may appeal to his person. Of all these, grey happens to be one of the most popular choice for men suiting, yet it doesn’t not permit for a boring ensemble. It may be worn simply, with a tie of course, a pair of shoe but for something far less than predictable, Chiwetel Ejiofor’s mixed-up Ralph Lauren Black Label tailoring at the premiere of the Martian last year – where he paired together a jacket and a trouser of conflicting shades of grey but both of matching cotton fabric. This differs from when one pairs a grey trouser with a black jacket or vise versa. Chiwetel’s choice of fabric expressed qualities gained from emerging development, experience and above all style. Putting out there for scrutiny and more conscious inspection as to the relativity of each piece – style check. is it a suit? is it a jacket and trouser?
Regardless of  what it maybe, a suit, suit and trouser, its so damn fantastic!

B   E        S     T      Y      L     I     S    H ! ! ! !