T H E S O C K L E S S C A M P A I G N.

Certain shoes do not require the use of socks, yet certain persons wear them with socks, this isn’t bad practice yes! But imagine someone wearing striped gray and red socks on brown suede shoes. Well, regardless of what I am about to say or have said, you have all the right in the world to do what you may.

Firstly, why would try going sockless? How comfortable is it? Why is there a campaign behind it in the title? What kind of shoes doesn’t require socks? I find out most men don’t groom their feet, believing it is covered and has nothing to do with anything. Unfortunately, our friends, the ladies notice all of these cracked heels, black toes nails, blisters if this is you, please take care of your feet, and it will cost nothing but attention – Just a little attention. If you have been following me, “the foot happens to be the part of the human body with heightened perspiration. It is because of this that the sox was developed, to reduce and dry up the degree of sweat getting to the inner part of our shoes”

Going sockless has a novel way of making you look manly, also like I have said previously, when novelty comes into play in fashion, it becomes really really cool to look at. Because over the years, shoes and socks have maintained a very cordial relationship, it becomes extremely novel to see a grown man without a pair of socks. It’s like seeing Abraham Lincoln without the bowler hat.  
Going sockless becomes extremely comfortable when you go for soft shoes that fit. One of the major causes of black toes bears on shoe size, if you wear a shoe that that doesn’t suit you, you subjugate your toes to the struggle for survival and air thus leaving dark patches over time.
That brings us to what kinds of shoes requires no socks. Go for LOAFERS, tassel or penny, either of them looks really great without socks but you must opt for softer leather (if it’s a leather shoe). BROGUES, I love brogues, there’s just something about them, and perhaps it’s the perforations, oh well, back to the matter: opt for softer leather; perfect sizing for if you get the sizing wrong, pain will be your gain. SUEDE: please don’t use socks for suede shoes, especially when it’s a slipper, it makes no sense. MONK STRAPS; one shoe every man should have, as for monk straps; ditto. The same applies for every other shoe, desert boots, boat shoes etc…find the one that suits you most and style away.

Whenever you choose to go sockless, ensure you use those clever little socks that covers your toes and the smell of your feet or alternatively you can use powder on your feet before using your shoes to avoid odours.