Leading Men’s Wear brand, Ouch has chosen TIMI DAKOLO and BRYAN OKWARA as classicmen in her latest lookbook collection entitled ‘my way’

The Voice of Nigeria coach, Timi Dakolo and Model/actor, Bryan Okwara chosen by men’s wear leading brand Ouch to feature in their newest collection ‘my way’ which simply circumvents formal casual men’s wear, such as suits and t-shirt etc….

This collection embodies a wide range of men’s wear pieces, the selected few that should have its place in every man’s wardrobe. Timi and Bryan take ingenious poses as they showcase the 2-piece and 3-piece suits from the collection.

As we can tell from experience, being a gentleman by virtue of what we wear and how we look is becoming by the hour a necessity. The aim of this collection and supporting photographs is to drive home in the heart of every man the idea of an appropriate gentleman look.

Have a peep and enjoy!

Be stylish!