The knowledge of size, the presence and concept of bespoke and made-to-measure fashion pieces: jackets, pants and especial accessories such as waist coats and denim ‘shackets’ have stolen all the attention from the singular fact that beauty also can be found even in the most dreaded places, in this case; in over sized jackets, pants and especial accessories such as waist coats and denim ‘shackets’. Thus making apparels that are a few size above normal appear distasteful, garish or tacky. 

Although really bogus cloths used to be the in-thing in the 90’s, it is still cool today looking back at the photographs during the time. those size of cloths are totally just too showy or rather too big. Over sized cloths of the present day fashionistas, the likes of Nick Wooster and a few others just creates a comfortable ground between the really too big choice of clothing of the 90’s and the slightly convenient clothing of the few who are veering away from skinny jeans.       

No doubt, the perfect fit of any cloth or fashion piece is critical and crucial to the overall outlook, it not only accentuates the beauty of the garb but also adorns the body. There’s no beauty in a suit jacket that doesn’t fit; the shoulders just sags off the shoulder and this alone ruins the entire beauty of a suit jacket. the same goes for shackets, once the piece of clothing does not sit appropriately on the shoulders, it’s always a mess.

It is really important to note that while there are down sides to wearing bogus cloths or over sized cloths, there are significantly cool reasons why over sized cloths are cool:

first off, size doesn’t really matter now

You know how all the rudimentary facts to dressing up you used to cling unto, like sneakers staying strictly in the lobby because they have been marked eternally as gym shoes but now they have the heightest ranking place on your shoe rack; over sized apparels doesn’t really matter anymore in fact they are even cooler (Most times) more than the clingy ones. 

Plus, they are not really a big deal

How weird is it that the second reason is only an affirmation of the first, well it just has to be that way owing to the fact that over sized apparels, adds a little to the general outlook through making you look respectable (can you believe that?), big or even a bit older. But hey, who cares the point is I look good, comfortable – End of story. Relatively, they are in vogue now.


As long as the size is kept at minimal, that is a few inch above normal, in that it does not really constitute a saggy-shoulder-jacket, or the waist of the pant doesn’t suggest an excess in size, over size cloths when worn well generally shows how trendy and responsive you are to detail.    

Find inspiration from some of these pictures and share your thoughts on them (If you may)

On the street

On catwalks 

 B      E         S     T     Y     L     I     S     H   !    !    !


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