10 Trait You’re Addicted Like Us

If you are reading this, permit me to formally inform you that you are just a few steps from truly justifying the fact that you are addicted. Not that its a bad thing to be, in fact, it is one of the most fulfilling dreams to chase. You and I can attest to the fact that you (not excluding myself), follow our favorite celebrities, style trends, stalk our favorite bloggers and even, literally live on Instagram like its our job to do so. We are fans like that, and being a fan can gradually if not speedily escalate into becoming addiction. Find below some of the 10 reasons you are addicted like us.

1. Unconsciously, You keep your shoes more organized than your documents.

2. Utterly, you see nothing absolutely wrong in carrying an umbrella alongside your bag.

3. Insatiably, you no longer see sneakers as something exclusive to the gym.

4. Even, Track pants are not for just running in anymore.

5. Over pack for trips just so have you options upon arrival.

6. You judge the quality of your outfit by how #ootd worthy they are.

7. Your home-screen and gallery of your phone looks ultimately like the backstage of a photo session.

8. You consider it logical to spend almost 50% of your pay check on a new shoe, suit, glasses, belt or all four.

9. You have a bag full of socks.

10. As a preselected option, some of your Denim trousers can be found rolled up, and that’s their default mode 

B E   S T Y L I S H  ! ! ! ! !