Some of the fundamental components of every man’s wardrobe aren’t the ones that occupy the most space, rather they are the ones we can barely do without. These fundamental components aren’t nothing but those accessories that add extra value to our outfit. With the right accessories, every outlook becomes a totally new ensemble. In fact, you can wear the same out fit like Kate Middleton with different accessories and it will lend nuance to the outfit.

Here are a list of some of the major details that make our shopping list.


On one of my earlier posts, I talked extensively on the types of sunglasses and their origins, get over there for more information https://cameramagik.blogspot.com.ng/2015/10/sun-and-glasses.html.  In using sunglasses, it is best to use sunglasses with frames that suites the shape of ones face. Neglecting to find and buy one that fits and corresponds with the shape of ones face will not only bother on the entire style, but also on the eyesight also. Although all sunglasses have been designed to “fit all”, not any sunglasses will correspond to everybody, plus complement all style so its best you pay close attention, before you pay attention. 
For a more masculine look, that is, one that involves the use of excellently done stylist advice or tailored materials, the go-to Sunglass is the tortoiseshell. This 1970s piece can perfectly be paired with almost anything from button down dress shirts, suit and tie to sandals etc… Also, the all black glasses are classic also they can be used by the guy whose wardrobe major composition are t shirts, jeans and other sporting alternatives. The tortoiseshell provides for a mastered look, and enhances it furthermore till it reaches full potentiality. An all black tortoiseshell will do just fine.     

Just recently, the coloured frames and complementing lenses have been making rounds, avoid the very elicit lenses instead opt for calm tones like sunshine yellow and bright blue for the most effect.

Pocket Squares

As little as they may appear, they have the capacity to turn the most mildly planned dress up into a daring and severely dapper outlook. Its functionality is made evident in adding the final touches, flourishes to any tailoring. Swap dark shades for brighter shades. Do not be afraid to experiment with new patterns and prints. In making pocket square choices, it best to choose one made form silk materials for most effects.
avoid plain or solid coloured pocket square except when used to finish off bright or high contrast shades, and vice versa, for example, when spotting a burgundy suit, a white pocket square may be used to maintain the tones by matching the button down(shirt). Just when you get confused or run into troubles with your hues, just match your pocket squares with your tie.

No – Show Socks

When it comes to foot wears, there’s no point hammering on the effect of not using a socks as we already know not to take off our shoe when we are far from home. No – Show Socks as the name implies, are extra cool socks that are small enough to be concealed by the four walls of your shoes and big enough to cover up your feet. It is no news how fashionable it is to not use a socks, to show off some ‘mankles’. To say the truth it’s even more satisfying than layering a socks to match our favorite tie. When shopping for a No-show socks it best to be careful, a lot of brands are selling socks that will eventually show after several minutes of use.  

In conclusion, some of these accessories may not be on top of your shopping list or list of must have(s), but they come certainly handy. So, when next you are going on a spree, include this few and follow up on here for the next batch of accessories. Again, I say:

B      E         S     T     Y     L     I     S     H  !   !   !

PHOTO CRED: parisiangentleman.co.uk, pinterest.com, instagram.com