Lately a lot have been up and about the ‘Fashiosphere’. We’ve been experiencing some not-so-alien intrusion. Certain trends of the past are been rejuvenated and revitalized to suit the modern world.

A lot has changed if you ask me, like look around you, don’t look too far, look in your pockets or hands we have super smart mobile phones and several other technological benefits; Yet still, fashion remains the same just a few touches and it seems like it’s never been worn, No wonder Coco channel says, “Fashion Changes but style Endures” this is true an has been affirmed by men’s wear and luxury brand genius, Ralph Lauren, “Style is very personal it has nothing to do with fashion, fashion is over quickly, style lasts forever” 
Maybe you remember wearing something in the 80’s or early 90’s and wish if you could still rock them now, well here’s what was a major boom in the 80’s and people thought it’s been extinguished. Patches are back and now you can even stick them in more places than they would in the 80’s: On denim jackets(which is my favorite), Shoes, Hats, jeans etc…This practically turns your outfit into a whole new creation, ever daring and impeccably chic..
Look through these pictures and feel free to share your thoughts as I would love to converse..
B      E          S     T     Y     L     I      S    H !  !  !