Are you Nigerian, African or you are a fan? Here are just a few things to know about Africans:

1. The style is Authentic, that is, there is already enough cultural heritage to mold into an impeccable style.

2. Ties from the western world and several other influences puts men’s wear (African sphere) on the verge of an emerging fashion world power through borrowed styles and personalization of such styles.
Basically, these are about the least possibilities…

Casual wear in most African countries leaves nothing untouched; incorporating pieces from the diverse cultural backgrounds and in collaboration with oxford shirts, dress pants, suits etc…to make what seems to be a seamless but well thought out ensemble.

The most recent entry into the men’s fashion category being the Aso oke cap, a Yoruba head gear that is worn by a certain cadre of the western part of Nigeria. It is after all a regular cap, that has the other half of the hat, that is in excess bent over to lap on either side if the head.        

Made from an African material, Aso eko in it’s simplest translation to English language means ‘top cloth’ is a hand loomed cloth made by the aforementioned indigens of Nigeria. The material is mostly woven by men and are subsequently used to make men’s clothing and women’s alike.

The Aso oke cap provides for a new twist in the already saturated casual men’s wear section. Asides from the ever obvious fact that it yells “I love to break new grounds”, it exudes cool on a whole new level. Just now, it is quiet easy to affirm that they can be paired with anything in the wardrobe from t shirts to shirt and tie ensembles, hell, even the pajamas which is back on daylight spotlight will leave most mouths agape with a little touch of this cap.

Here are the simplest combinations…

B     E        S     T     Y     L    E !  !  !